Gynecology – clinical medicine, the subject of study which are the anatomical and physiological, physical and mental features of the female body at different ages, diseases of the female reproductive system, methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Gynecological Science is exploring all possible types of diseases affecting women and their manifestations. Gynecology originated in ancient times. The great Ibn Sina in his book “Canon of Medicine” described the many women’s diseases and possible methods of treatment. Descriptions of women’s diseases can be found in books of ancient Egypt, India, Greece, the Slavic peoples. There were described diseases such as displacement of the uterus, uterine cancer, fibroids, and warts. Even then, people have tried to find ways to get rid of these and many other ailments. Hippocrates suggested that the operational methods of treatment, as well as methods that act on the body as a whole. For a long time been part of gynecology obstetrics, but in the 19 century as a separate science.

Distinguish a general and a private gynecology. General gynecology study symptoms and examines ways of diagnosis, prevention methods and treatment of diseases. Private gynecology highlights some of the disease and possible methods of treatment. Separate topic in gynecology is prevention. Since every woman understands that the earlier detected deviation, the smoother and faster to solve the problem.

In developed countries, much attention is paid to dispensary monitoring women’s health. Represent danger diseases such as cervical erosion (if left untreated it turns into cancer), tumors in the mammary glands and other diseases. Identified in the early stages of development of these ills absolutely not dangerous and are treatable by modern methods and medicines. But in a started condition represent a mortal danger. In addition, there are many medical centers, including anonymous, where you can get tested for the presence of various infections, sexually transmitted diseases. The success of the treatment of infections depends largely on how deeply impressed by the body. Early treatment will provide an opportunity to get rid of the infection ever for less money.

Women’s health problems involved a gynecologist. Only a gynecologist can correctly diagnose gynecological problems and find appropriate treatment. In addition, it helps a woman gynecologist in family planning and contraceptive selection.

The last decades of XX century in gynecology witnessed the rapid development of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. Development of portable video, transfer images on the screen allowed withdrawing from the surgery, “keyhole” on a broad overview with the ability to increase in operational impact.

In endoscopic surgery is using lasers, power tools, cutting equipment, modern suture material. The advantages of endoscopic surgery are in their low invasiveness, the possibility of preservation of reproductive function, the dynamic monitoring of the recovery process after surgery. Along with endoscopic surgery in gynecology continued development of traditional methods of surgical treatment with antibiotics, medical rehabilitation in the postoperative period. In many gynecological diseases is widely used vaginal access.

Much attention in recent years allocated to the health of women during perimenopausal and after menstruation, studied the pathogenesis of menopausal and postmenopausal syndromes, was developed hormone and alternative therapy of estrogen deficiency, prevention of osteoporosis, etc., actively studied pre-cancerous diseases of the female genital organs, developed prevention and intensive care at risk. In the near future the leading position in gynecology takes genetics, immunogenetics, and cellular technology.

Due to the importance of this area in medicine need to know at least the basics of gynecology. Women’s health directly affects the health of society, the future generation. Therefore, there are entire state programs to support women’s health. For these purposes are allocated from the budgets of large funds for further study of this area, as well as the development of effective drugs, therapies, training highly qualified specialists in this field. One should always approach this issue very seriously. Woman continues the human race, so getting any disease in their lifetime; it transmits it to future generations.

Probably no such people who would not want to have healthy children. Woman must be protected in accordance with social programs, as well as to inculcate in childhood elementary things on hygiene. Recall once again battered the truth, that in case of any symptoms of gynecological diseases, it is necessary to consult a specialist in the field of medicine.