Inflammation of the ovaries

Inflammation of the ovaries can occur for a long time and unnoticed, causing constant discomfort and infertility. That is why women, especially those of childbearing age must undergo check-ups at the gynecologist at least twice a year.

Inflammation of the ovaries is rarely independent; often it is combined with an inflammation of the fallopian tubes or adnexitises. The disease is usually caused by infection in combination with a violation of the body’s defenses. The most common pathogens are staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, Escherichia coli and tuberculosis. Factors contributing to the spread of infection are different causes of decline of immunity: hypothermia, stress, menstrual irregularities, etc.

Symptoms of the disease depend on the causative microbe and the general state of the organism. In the acute stage of patients concerned about strong pains in the abdomen and the sacrum, the temperature can rise to high numbers, there is a heartbeat. Menstrual function usually is not broken, but sometimes your period may disappear or, conversely, to be very abundant. There is a delay in stool and gas, frequent painful urination. If the infection does not go beyond the ovaries, the overall state may not suffer.??In the absence of adequate treatment for acute inflammation of the ovaries subsides after 1-2 weeks and becomes sluggish chronic form. Sometimes the process is chronically initially. In recent years, such a flow is becoming more frequent due to irrational and uncontrolled use of antibiotics. Under the influence of various factors (hypothermia, stress, exercise, etc.) observed short-term relapse.

Treatment depends on the stage of disease and pathogen infection. Acute processes are treated after laboratory analysis and sensitivity to antibiotics of disease.

To treat chronic inflammation of the ovaries is more complicated. After a thorough examination and the diagnosis is carried out anti-inflammatory (antibiotics are appointed not always), restorative treatment, restoration of disturbed functions of sex organs and secondary encountered disorders of the nervous, endocrine and other systems.

Prevention of inflammation of the ovaries – is warning of entry for infective abortion, childbirth, and diagnostic studies. In addition, great importance is the observance of sexual hygiene: infections, sexually transmitted diseases, almost all can cause inflammation of the ovaries.

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