What’s bad for the kidneys?

Improper diet – and this is a very broad concept. Thus, the kidneys do not like excess protein, alcohol, sugar and salt, stale and unhealthy food. Kidneys do not like meat – especially if you eat too much. Protein does not accumulate in the body, such as, for example, and, unfortunately, fats. Therefore, the entire excess protein and its breakdown products must be withdrawn – of course, through the kidneys, increasing the pressure on them. If the kidneys cannot cope with this entire load, they may form uric acid stones.

It is for the above reason, the kidneys are harmful and are now fashionable protein diets that are completely balanced and may cause disorders of protein metabolism. Each kidney is placed in a special adipose capsule – there she was warm, soft and safe. Fat layer protects the kidneys from the blows and the cold keeps them in a natural position. It is therefore harmful to the kidneys dramatic weight loss. Diets that burn fat from the body, essentially bare kidneys, deprive them of protection. As a result, the kidneys receive a double blow: on the one hand, they need to filter the blood and impaired balance, remove the decay products of excess protein, on the other – to work while in extremely adverse conditions, almost naked in the cold.

Kidneys do not like alcohol abuse, including alcohol and weaknesses like beer and all sorts of cocktails. The organism must not only expand the alcohol into components and to bring him (and this occurs through the kidneys). In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body. Passes through the kidneys first triple the volume of liquid – the body gives all the available moisture in order to bring more alcohol, and then comes her lack of blood thickens, and filter it becomes much harder. Abuse too sweet or too salty food breaks in the body fluid and electrolyte balance. In this case, note that a complete rejection of salt (as well as its abuse) leads to kidney failure. We forget that salt is in many foods, even sweets. Do not eat much salt – you’ll quickly get used to and will have a better sense of its flavor.

Crowded bladder, and constipation. If a person drinks a normal amount of fluid, he should feel the need to empty the bladder 4-6 times a day. If you do so at least we should think about whether you are drinking enough. We should not suffer to the last: in a crowded part of the urinary bladder of fluid can throw on the ureters into the kidneys again, and it is unnatural and harmful to them.

As for the constipation them accompanies poisoning organism decay products, talking about it and heavy breathing, and fatigue, and poor skin condition. Instead of output, hazardous substances continue to be absorbed in the gut and circulate in the blood, again and again passing through the kidneys. If the kidney, if necessary and can operate for one another, then another filter and poisons formed in the intestine, they cannot do.

Cold, fatigue and disease. By the way, if too much heat and too much sweating kidneys also have a hard time, especially if the body lacks water: in this case violated the water-salt balance, rich blood is filtered with difficulty and generally poorly bathes the internal organs. Fatigue and overwork, disproportionate physical and mental stress significantly weaken the body’s resistance and immunity. As a result, different minor and major infections, once in the body, such as through the respiratory system does not encounter resistance and quietly with the blood reaches the kidneys.

What can also help the kidneys? How can I prolong their health and increase strength???????? Sport, dance and movement. Kidney love movement. When sedentary work with us in the lumbar region postponed fat, flexibility of the spine is broken, there is stagnation of blood. Moreover, any tilts from side to side, twisting, hip motion, characteristic of the dance, accelerate blood flow, improve mood, making breathing more deeply, and life – fun. Please note that hard physical labor when the body does not have time to recover, does not refer to the useful factors.

Tasty useful food. That this includes? Its fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs are parsley, dill, celery. The favorite products of kidney include dog rose, strawberry and strawberry extracts, cucumber and pumpkin. Kidney adore sea fish and sweet peppers, vitamin A, apples, cabbage and, of course, watermelons and melons, as well as all the little diuretic. In order to help the kidneys, especially if they are not completely healthy, limit your intake of sour cream and cheese, meat, chocolate and foods high in calcium and vitamin C.

Drinking plenty of fluids. Well, here, of course, you need to know the rule – though few exceed this norm, and it is up to 2 ? liters of fluid per day (depending on the size of the body, of course). In this rule and that is a liquid which is contained in food. Coffee and black tea as a liquid is not very suitable, but a variety of herbal infusions, green tea, fruit drinks, high-quality drinking water – all this really helps our kidneys. Very useful for them cranberry juice is due to the special acid, which makes short work with a variety of bacteria.

Dry heat. Kidney love dry heat, combined with abundant drinking. Sauna – the best friend of the kidneys. Part of harmful substances, which in normal circumstances would be filtered through the kidneys, excreted in sweat, and the resulting burden on the kidneys is reduced. But even in the heat dilates blood vessels, and kidneys begin to richly supply with blood.

Special Poses. Favorite pose kidney is on all fours, leaning on his knees and elbows. If you’re so you stand at least five minutes a day, the kidneys will tell you many thanks. In this position, the kidney rest is uniformly supplied with blood and oxygen free sag for extra cords. In kidney pain in the back of this position wants to do instinctively, but this fact does not mean that we should wait for back pain, to make nice to the kidneys.

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