Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages) – an inflammatory disease of the uterus: the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Another name for this disease: salpingitis – inflammation of the fallopian tubes, and oophoritis – inflammation of the ovaries.

Pathogens adnexitis a variety of infections: Chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, enterococcus, gonococci, streptococci, etc. The disease most often occurs after the abortion, childbirth, the introduction of an intrauterine device, but it is possible contamination (especially with regard to sexually transmitted diseases) and during sexual intercourse.

Infection, which penetrated the mucosa of the vagina, is transferred to the fallopian tubes and ovaries, but the pathogen can enter the epididymis and other inflammatory foci through the blood or lymphatic vessels. Inflammation of the appendages leads to adhesions between the uterine tubes and ovaries, as a consequence of this is a violation of normal cross-pipes, which often is the cause of female infertility. However, not all women have an infection leads to inflammation in the epididymis. For the onset and progression of disease should be predisposing factors: different extragenital inflammatory diseases, non-personal hygiene, exposure to cold, constant stress, etc. – that weaken the immune system and allow infections to spread freely.

In some cases, disease onset can occur blurred and sluggish, but most women complain of pelvic pain on the right or left. Depending on the course of the disease the pain is constant or intermittent; there may be serous or pussy discharge. Patients on the rise in body temperature can worsen overall health. Such symptoms are acute inflammation of the appendages.

Without timely treatment adnexitis disease becomes chronic, characterized by frequent periods of exacerbation. One of the major manifestations of chronic inflammation of the appendages is a disruption of the menstrual cycle, which occurs in more than half of patients with the diagnosis, also concerned about menstrual pain. Disturbed sleep, the woman becomes irritable, reduced work capacity, besides the pain of sexual acts lead to a decrease in sexual desire and as a result, the violation of sexual function.

If a woman with an acute inflammatory process to see a doctor immediately, it will have a better chance that treatment adnexitis will end in complete recovery. For the treatment of acute illness is applied: antibiotic therapy, desensitizing agents, anti-inflammatory means painkillers. It is also important during treatment and especially after it complies with all the doctor’s recommendations, which will reduce the risk of recurrence of the inflammatory process and minimize the number of relapses in chronic disease.