Fibromatosis of the uterus

Almost every second woman, after forty has a list of diseases of the disease. But do not be afraid, fibromatosis of the uterus is less dangerous than fibroids.

Fibromatosis of the uterus – is the initial stage of the fibroids, in which the muscle tissue of the uterus begins to be replaced with parts of the connective tissue. At fibromatosis of the uterus is not mature nodes, and there is only a slight increase (hypertrophy) of the uterus.

Under the influence of certain factors, the emergence of sites substituted by connective tissue increased, and the process goes directly to a benign tumor of the uterus – fibroids. Determine the cause of fibromatosis is not established, but identified predisposing factors that contribute to disease development.

Predisposing factors: hormonal background, inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation; a history of intrauterine manipulation (abortion, curettage of the uterine cavity), genetic predisposition, impaired environment, poor diet, stress, bad habits, overweight; hormonal predisposition (irregular menstrual cycle and reproductive function), extragenital diseases that contribute to dysfunction of the ovaries and other endocrine glands.

Because of their small size fibromatosis of the uterus is usually asymptomatic or only slightly expressed clinic. However, in some cases, especially with the progression of the disease and its transition into stage fibroids, the manifestations of the disease are expressed and abundant. Appear aching or pulling pain, localization of the abdomen or back; menstrual disorders characterized by increased duration of menses, increased volume of blood loss and the appearance of inter menstrual bleeding, menstruation became painful; anemia (brittle hair, a layer of nails, dry skin) as a result of menstrual irregularities, violation of the pelvic – urinary incontinence and constipation (due to compression of the bladder and bowel enlarged uterus), infertility and miscarriage; complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

In the absence of complaints and asymptomatic special treat fibromatosis of the uterus is not required. Dynamic monitoring is recommended by a doctor (every three months) and an annual pelvic ultrasound. Appointed by the B vitamins, vitamins E, C and A as antioxidants. Fibromatosis of the uterus – this is the case when you can and want to apply national treatment (but only after consultation with the doctor). It is recommended to receive fresh juices made from potatoes, cabbage, beets, and plums.